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The Innovative Learning and Living Institute (ILALI) supports the resilience and transformation of communities and their regions through programs where we learn to embody knowledge, bridge cultural worldviews, and promote collective healing in service of our future.

The gift of this moment in human history is that our existential challenges are inspiring many of us to reconsider what matters most in our lives

- as well as what matters most for Life.

We have the subtle, social, and digital technologies to bloom the future we want and need, together.

Right now.

How do we align different perspectives, traditions and ways of knowing? How do we connect and bridge as we create? How do we navigate disruption and polarization?

We are learning to live in new ways.

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In 2022-2023 ILALI will pilot its regional program, an immersive residency that supports young adults, their communities, and the lands they inhabit to create regenerative relationships.

Young people from the same region but of different economic, ideological, and cultural backgrounds will reside at a retreat center for several months to live, learn, serve, and grow together.

Participants will come to know themselves as the continuation of a historical legacy of creative and passionate young adults – instrumental to the energy and innovation of civic life.

ILALI’s curriculum supports integrative development. The program is designed to improve physical and emotional well-being, expand one’s worldview, cultivate inner wisdom and the moral imagination, and deepen relationships with others and nature.

Integrated into these residencies are opportunities for mentorship, community service, creative expression, working with digital and virtual technologies, and learning practical skills for community-building and entrepreneurial endeavors.

ILALI’s “transpartisan” program design is integral to bridging people and communities who inhabit seemingly opposing worldviews. Participants will grow in their ability to engage complexity, including their capacity to consider more perspectives, people, and environments in their decision-making.

The program aims to demonstrate the efficacy of immersive residential learning in addressing polarization, and in creating a regional network of inspired, skilled young adults who are oriented towards serving their communities and the regeneration of the common good.

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M. Rako Fabionar


Katie Harrigan

Operations Director

Julie Aitcheson

Program Manager

Oren Slozberg


Michelle Scheidt


Shakiyla Smith


Uvinie Lubecki


Sean Esbjörn-Hargens


Mindy Nettifee


Michael Brabant


Andrew Nalani


Ben Scott-Brandt


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We're hiring people to help lead ILALI‘s immersive residencies. Interested in joining a team that stewards integrative learning and development for young adults? Experience with facilitation, mentorship, and building community across differences?

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Cohort Leader for Wayfinders Pilot Residency

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